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terminator genisys

June 18, 2015

Animated GIF re-imagining the “Terminator Genisys”, commissioned by Paramount and created by FalcaoLucas.


“Team GIPHY grew up watching the Terminator movies, reveling in all their cybernetic glory. So, imagine our delight when we first heard about “Terminator Genisys”, the new movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Emilia Clarke.
We wanted to join in the fun, so The Studio at GIPHY partnered with Paramount Pictures and six amazing GIF artists to reimagine the iconic characters and moments from “Terminator Genisys”. The GIFs that emerged are a loving tribute to dystopian futures, killer robots, and, of course, ARNOLD.”

– giphy

terminator genisys falcaolucas


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