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December 18, 2016

Collaboration project with several other artists for “Phenomenality” film, created by Living Library Films.

about the story

This is the story of a big wave pioneer who “died more times than Jesus”, a man who constantly risked his life to find life, to find the edge or reason and overcome it. His name is Ric Friar and this is a story of ‘Phenomenality’. And like all good movies there was sex, death, bar brawls, and a heap of shit. Friar literally became the “King of Poo” and made a fortune in the process. It’s a life that sequences more like a feature length dream: a truly wild concoction of adventures constantly intersecting with equal measures of insanity and bravado, an unbridled grabbing of life by tha balls.

Footage from “Ride a White Horse” Dir. Bob Evans, 1968
“Follow Me” Written by Zino Zeinero, Ric Friar & Wendy Harper, Composed by Zino Zeinero
Phenomenality Produced by 1 Giant Wave

Phenomenality Produced by Living Library Films


• WORLD PREMIERE | 16th San Francisco Documentary Festival, California, USA (2017)
• WINNER | Audience Award – DOC LA. – Los Angeles, USA (2017)
• WINNER | 2nd place Jury Award – Audience Awards, Los Angeles, USA (2017)
• WINNER | Best Directing – International Film Competition of Bali (2017)
• WINNER | Rising Star – International Film Competition of Bali (2017)
• SEMI-FINALIST | Near Nazareth Festival, Israel (2017)
– Flickerfest International Short Film Festival, Australia (Academy Award® and BAFTA Accredited, 2018)
– Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Australia (2018)
– Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China (2017)
– Sofia Independent Film Festival, Bulgaria (2017)
– Utah Film Festival, USA (2018)
– San Diego Surf Film Festival, USA (2018)
– San Pedro International Film Festival, California, USA (2017)
– Honolulu Surf Film Festival, Hawaii (2018)
– Ocean Coast Film Festival, Portugal (2018)
– Noosa Surf Film Festival, Australia (2017)
– Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Spain (2017)


falcaolucas collaboration

phenomenality falcaolucas


Written & Directed by
Lucas Jatobá

Marie Larrive & Lucas Malbrun


Cento Lodigiani

Tânia Falcão & Avelar Lucas

Brian Neong San

Paul Ducco

Production Designer
Cyma Hibri

Production Assistant
Luisa Daltro

First AD
Hugo Wilde

Production Design Assistants
Mairi Armour, Kevin Oyarbide, Jurden Urunuela, Nadia Grijalba, Jamal Hibri, Amy Holland, Brendan Donnellan, Maira Widholzer

Phoebe Pike, Burcu Tekin

Jyden Chancellor

Executive Producers
Ric Friar, Wendy Harper

Toby Heslop

Lee Kelly

Music Composer
Zino Zeinero

Title Design
Pragun Agarwal

Lucas Jatobá, Toby Heslop

Mark Kennedy

Hair & Make Up
Desiree Wise, Pam Daniel, Dempsey Rai, Elizabeth Pozoglau

Wendy Harper

BTS Camera Operator
Justin De Knock

Michael Golding

Special thanks to:
Rick Marks, Brett Saunders, Evan Sturrock, Jason Bowman, Frasier Shiers

Lucas Jatobá, Ric Friar, Wendy Harper

Underwater Cinematography
Jon Shaw

Rick Rifici

Online & Grading
Toby Heslop

Sound Recordist
Paul Smith

Sound Mix & Design
Nigel Crowley

Script Supervisors
Ric Friar, Wendy Harper

Honey Soul Friar, Ryan Garner

Wendy Harper, Ric Friar, Lucas Jatobá, Honey Soul Friar, Ryan Garner, Marie Kennedy, Garry Birdsell, Josephine Roberte, Nadia Jones, Zazi Timar, Jyden Chancellor, Rusty Harris, Gitte Mariussen, Terry Matthews, Tony Mathers, Tony Flook, Kevin Oyarbide, Jurden Urunuela, Chiara Emerson, Giselle Emerson, Ana M. Lombardi, Ron Wade, Zino Zeniero, Luisa Daltro, Cyma Hibri, Hawanatu Bangura, May Zin

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