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Personal project


April 29, 2020

(Pandemic + Panorama)

An Augmented Reality Art Project

During this times of social isolation we asked ourselves how we could make people’s life more pleasant through our art and our know-how.

And so, we created a window to a virtual world. A window where we can take a look and travel to a different reality. This is an escape from our four walls confinement and a way to bring art to everybody’s home.

Take a look through the window we created and step into the world we’re sharing with you today!

To try it go to our Instagram page (@falcaolucasart). Just enter the filter section and select Pandorama. Then select the rear camera and point at a flat surface.

Hope you enjoy!

Pandorama Instagram AR Filter

try it here

use the QR CODE

QR-Code Pandorama

or click the button below

still images

And some still images inside de virtual world:

Pandorama FalcaoLucas 1
Pandorama FalcaoLucas 2
Pandorama FalcaoLucas 3
how to use


Just go to our Instagram page  @falcaolucasart

Pandorama Inst 1


…click to try it on your phone camera

Pandorama Inst 2


…and place it ANYWHERE you want!!!

Pandorama Inst 3
Here’s a link to our blog post.
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