The Art of FalcaoLucas

We want to share with you the mini-doc that MINI Portugal and Merc’art have created to show everybody our art of living and a more private and personal side of our life as parents and as a couple.

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28 girona film festival

Girona Film Festival has selected our short film
Our short film animation “Ontem” has been selected to the 28 Girona Film Festival on the “Experimental” category.

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bang awards

Bang Awards has selected our short film
Our short film animation “Ontem” has been selected to the 3rd edition of Bang Awards Festival.

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très court festival

Our animation “Ontem” was one of the movies selected for the 18th edition of the international movie festival Très Court.

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animados pelo gif

A Visão publicou um artigo sobre a Giphy e os GIFs animados e decidiu vir falar conosco. Fica aqui um excerto do artigo impresso para poderem ver o que falaram sobre nós.

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Lancamento Gerador n6

lançamento gerador #6

Launch of 6º issue of Gerador Magazine, designed by FalcaoLucas. This issue was about Heritage and it had 3D elements throughout the magazine and it

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empire – fox

We were asked by FOX and Giphy to create a GIF of Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon of the show Empire for Emmys 2015.

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Beautiful Bizarre

‘carbon’ @ beautiful bizarre

Sally Centigrade presents our first ever group show! Ohhhh, but not just any group show, it’s a wild one: 45 pieces of wood were cut into 5.5” x 7” diamond shapes, and shipped to artists all over the globe to be painted, adorned or even carved before being returned.

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Break Up FalcaoLucas sally centigrade

sally centigrade art gallery

Our work “The Break Up” will be shown in the group show “Carbon” that opens today (September 18, 5PM (MDT)) at the Sally Centigrade art gallery. So if you’re in Denver, Colorado or nearby check it out!

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threadless – got t-shirt

Our t-shirt “Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords”, a Game of Thrones inspired design, was selected by Threadless to be printed and it’s available to buy in the following link

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terminator genisys

We were asked by Paramount and Giphy to re-imagine Terminator Genisys by creating a custom GIF for the launch of the movie.
Here is the result: “TO DUST YOU WILL RETURN”hope you like it!

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We’re proud to present to you our most recent client Montepio, a Portuguese mutual savings organization. We’re super excited about this new projects 😉

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game of thrones

We were asked by Giphy to re-imagine Game of Thrones by creating a custom GIF for the launch of season 5.

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