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All Together Now Art Print

All Together Now Art Print

This is our All Together Now Art Print!

When COVID19 sent Portugal into lockdown we knew we had to do something to help the women and men who worked in healthcare. Those who were (and still are) sacrificing everything to help us.
So when Merc’Art asked us to create a new artwork to be sold as a special edition print to help the Hospital Egas Moniz in Lisbon get the funding to build a new canopy for the ER area we of course said yes!
The concept was: All Together Now. A project that unites 5 artists for one cause.

Merc’Art reached us as well four other amazing artists to create what we were feeling in these difficult times. And what we felt was an immense sense of security and guilt by being safe at our home, something others couldn’t do.

We then create the artwork “Fortress” as a way to show we can beat this virus by doing our best and that best was keeping us and other safes by staying at home in our “fortress” so those who couldn’t stay at home could do their job in a more easy and safe way.

This is a digital artwork with augmented reality you can see using your smartphone with the app Artivive.

the AR animation

We wanted to show what this fortress was and what effect it had in this pandemic so we used AR to create a hidden layer visible with a smartphone where you can see the skull symbolizing death peeling away as a mere sticker because we kept safe on our homes. As usual we used the AR app Artivive to create this effect. So this is our All Together Now art print, check out the art prints of the other 4 artists.

All Together Now

These were the amazing artists that took part of this project with us:

Inês da Fonseca

Regg Salgado

Hugo Makarov

Alexandre Alonso

You should and can find more details about these amazing artists as well about this amazing project at

Here’s the link to our portfolio page about this project with some more details.

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