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We’re Tânia Falcão and Luís Avelar Lucas and we are a married couple who work together as multidisciplinary artists, working in areas such as art, design, illustration, animation, motion graphics, branding, augmented reality, music, sound design, web design and much more.

With over 20 years of experience, we bring a unique blend of creativity, skill, and innovation to every project we take on.

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What we do best

Outdoor advertising in a train station with a passing train in the background

communication design

Making the message clear, compelling, and memorable in order to influence the audience’s behavior or attitude

examples of work in this area
White lettering in front of a yellow to orange gradient

identity design

Creating a recognizable and consistent image that effectively communicates the brands values, personality and unique characteristics

examples of work in this area

motion graphics

Making the message more engaging and dynamic to grab the viewer’s attention combining graphic design with animation

examples of work in this area
Screen capture of a website with a photo of a woman, text and in the background a tree.

web design

Creating memorable websites that are easy to navigate, visually pleasing and optimized for all devices.

examples of work in this area
Street window display with a cobbled stone sidewalk in the foregraund

Window Displays

Creating worlds in store windows to attract customers and better communicate the client’s branding and message

examples of work in this area

animated art

Creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience that tells a story or conveys an idea

examples of work in this area

augmented reality

Creating digital elements that are overlaid onto the real world, in order to enhance or augment the user’s experience making art more interactive and immersive

examples of work in this area
Silhouette of a tree in the foreground with a building in the background


Creating a visual representation that enhances the written or spoken message and makes it more engaging and memorable

examples of work in this area

3d art and animation

Allowing for greater flexibility and control in the creation of visual elements and can create a sense of depth and movement

examples of work in this area
Person made of white light in the balcony of an abstract building

music and sound design

Creating an emotional response and evoke feelings that complement or enhance the message or story being told through songs or soundscapes

examples of work in this area

our Featured projects

From the initial concept to the full implementation, we take care of every detail to bring each project to life.
We use our knowledge in art, design, development, and animation to create unique, custom projects from start to finish for each of our clients.

Here’s a selection of complete design projects that truly showcase our strengths and creativity.

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