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fantoche festival 2015

Fantoche Festival 2015

By | Festivals
Our "Break Up" animated art GIF was selected for the GIF Program at Fantoche International Animation Film Festival 2015. Fantoche is Switzerland’s most prestigious animated film festival and is one of the...
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Threadless – GoT T-shirt

By | Contests
Our t-shirt "Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords", a Game of Thrones inspired design, was selected by Threadless to be printed and it's available to buy in the following link: https://www.threadless.com/product/6569/...
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KitKat Burst FalcaoLucas

KitKat GIFs

By | Commissions
KitKat has commissioned FalcaoLucas to create 4 Art GIFs for their Tumblr page. Check out our KitKat GIF project here: http://falcaolucas.com/portfolio/kitkat/ And KitKat Tumblr Page here: http://kitkat.tumblr.com
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Wacom Gallery

By | Featured In
“Life Will Tear Us Apart” Digital Artwork by FalcaoLucas featured at WACOM GALLERY! Check out our gallery here: http://gallery.wacom.com/FalcaoLucas  Wacom Gallery - Front Page Life Will Tear Us Apart . Digital...
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