Lisbon International Film Festival

Lisbon International Film Festival has selected our short film Our short film animation “Ontem” has been selected to the Lisbon International Film Festival. The Lisbon International Film Festival is a quarterly online film…
June 23, 2016

Bang Awards

  Bang Awards has selected our short film Our short film animation “Ontem” has been selected to the 3rd edition of Bang Awards Festival The 3rd edition of the BANG Awards – International…
June 22, 2016

28 Girona Film Festival

Girona Film Festival has selected our short film Our short film animation "Ontem" has been selected to the 28 Girona Film Festival on the "Experimental" category. You can check the 2016 Program…
June 13, 2016

Empire – Fox

We were asked by FOX and Giphy to create a GIF of Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon of the show Empire for Emmys 2015. FOX - Twitter pageEmpire - Twitter pageEmpire - Facebook page
September 21, 2015
fantoche festival 2015

Fantoche Festival 2015

Our "Break Up" animated art GIF was selected for the GIF Program at Fantoche International Animation Film Festival 2015. Fantoche is Switzerland’s most prestigious animated film festival and is one of the…
September 12, 2015

Threadless – GoT T-shirt

Our t-shirt "Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords", a Game of Thrones inspired design, was selected by Threadless to be printed and it's available to buy in the following link: https://www.threadless.com/product/6569/…
July 8, 2015

Terminator Genisys

We were asked by Paramount and Giphy to re-imagine Terminator Genisys by creating a custom GIF for the launch of the movie. Here is the result: "TO DUST YOU WILL RETURN" hope you like…
June 17, 2015


We're proud to present to you our most recent client Montepio, a Portuguese mutual savings organization. We're super excited about this new projects ;)
June 6, 2015

Game of Thrones

We were asked by Giphy to re-imagine Game of Thrones by creating a custom GIF for the launch of season 5. Here is the result, hope you like it! "Giphy…
April 13, 2015

Diário de Notícias

OS ARTISTAS DO PIXEL QUE ANDAM NAS BOCAS DO MUNDO Falcão Lucas. São um casal e fazem arte digital: ilustração e animação. Desafie-lhes a criatividade no Instagram: #BeAFalcaoLucasGIF (more…)
March 23, 2015

Be a GIF

BE A GIF Do you want an Animated GIF of your face? Just follow our Instagram page @FalcaoLucasArt and post a selfie tagged #BeAFalcaoLucasGIF From time to time we'll select…
February 23, 2015

Art Rise Savannah

Some of FalcaoLucas Animated GIFs were shown at the ART RISE SAVANNAH International GIF Festival. Here's a small recap of the festival with one of our GIFs at the 0:46 mark.
February 2, 2015
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Falcao Lucas Creates The Most Stunning Digital Art by Diply "Falcao Lucas is the name of an artist collective consisting of married couple Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas. Hailing from Portugal,…
November 6, 2014

NOS Alive 2015

We're proud to announce this year design of NOS Alive Festival is made by FalcaoLucas! A great project in partnership with Gerador and 7 amazing urban artists. Check out the hole project here: http://falcaolucas.com/portfolio/nos-alive-2015/
October 20, 2014
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So Bad So Good

Our animated GIFs featured at SO BAD SO GOOD. "FalcaoLucas are Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas, a married couple of visual artists hailing from Portugal. Together they've conjured up these colourful…
October 7, 2014
KitKat Burst FalcaoLucas Commissions

KitKat GIFs

KitKat has commissioned FalcaoLucas to create 4 Art GIFs for their Tumblr page. Check out our KitKat GIF project here: http://falcaolucas.com/portfolio/kitkat/ And KitKat Tumblr Page here: http://kitkat.tumblr.com
October 4, 2014
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GIFs Go Wild

  Our Animated GIF "Halfs" has been taking a stroll through the streets of London in the project "Gifs go Wild". Yay! Check it out at around 59 secs.
August 6, 2014
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Wacom Gallery

“Life Will Tear Us Apart” Digital Artwork by FalcaoLucas featured at WACOM GALLERY! Check out our gallery here: http://gallery.wacom.com/FalcaoLucas Wacom Gallery - Front PageLife Will Tear Us Apart . Digital Artwork
July 24, 2014
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Article in JUXTAPOZ about FalcaoLucas Illustrations "Tania Falcao and Avelar Lucas are a married couple of skilled artists from Portugal. Designers, musicians and illustrators, Tania and Avelar created their own illustration…
July 22, 2014
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3D Artist Magazine

Our artwork “Within” is on the latest issue of 3D Artist magazine as one of the images of the month! Check out the "Within" artwork here: http://falcaolucas.com/portfolio/within/
June 27, 2014

The Giphoscope Award 2014

“A second to Eternity” earned 2º place at THE GIPHOSCOPE AWARD 2014! Thank you Okkult Motion Pictures. We really want to win a beautiful giphoscope so we’ll try again next year.…
June 17, 2014
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Tumblr Log In Page

Our artwork “Lovers” at Tumblr log in page! Check out our Tumblr page here: http://falcaolucasart.tumblr.com Our "Lovers" artwork and animated GIF here: http://falcaolucas.com/portfolio/lovers/
June 17, 2014

Threadless Challenge Winner

We’re proud to announce that our design “Within” is the Architecture Challenge Winner at THREADLESS. Our limited edition of t-shirts are now available. Buy it here: https://www.threadless.com/product/5893 THREADLESS INTERVIEW When…
June 2, 2014
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Pantone Canvas

“The Human Virus” artwork  by FalcaoLucas featured in PANTONE CANVAS Gallery Check out our gallery here: http://canvas.pantone.com/FalcaoLucas
May 26, 2014
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Alternopolis Blog created an amazing article about FalcaoLucas, featuring our illustrations and animations. Thank you Alternopolis! Here is an excerpt of the article: “Movimientos y Colores del Universo Falcão Lucas”…
April 7, 2014
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Singularity Hub

“Facebook’s Oculus Acquisition Disheartens Some, But Won’t End Virtual Reality Rebound” Article on Singularity Hub featuring our “The Rift” Illustration See the article here
March 27, 2014
edp intranet

EDP Intranet Video

EDP is our new client! As our first work we've created an infographic video with 3.50 min of illustration, infographics, 2D and 3D animation, video editing and post-production to celebrate their Intranet…
February 25, 2014
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Design by Humans

“Two Heads Are Better Than One: 4 Inspiring Artists That Work In Pairs” Design by Humans article about artists that work in pair featuring FalcaoLucas "DBH artist FalcaoLucas was created as…
January 24, 2014
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InPrint Magazine

We’re proud to present the first magazine publication about us and our illustrations. Here is the link to INPRINT MAGAZINE issue 13th, which was acclaimed one of the best e-magazines this…
January 24, 2014