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Giphy Falcaolucas

FalcaoLucas on Giphy Interview and Artists Spotlight.


How did you two come together and start making art?

Tânia Falcão: We met 12 years ago doing tequila shots in a bar, and when we sobered up we realized that we had many things in common: the love of art, design, and music. Later we started working together in an advertising agency, and 2 years ago we decided it was time to create our own project.

When did you start making GIFs? What was the first GIF you made?

Avelar Lucas: I started making GIFs in 1999, using 3D Studio Max, Macromedia Flash, and Image Ready. Back then I was working as a web designer and some clients wanted GIF animations for their sites. In 2004, (Tania and I) started creating GIFs together and uploading them on B3ta. This GIF made in 2004 (a Cat on the wheel) was one of the first ones we created together and one of our most popular back then.

What kind of a process do you two go through to create your GIF art?

TF: It depends. Sometimes one of us does an illustration and thinks “that would look really nice animated” and then the other creates an animation for it.
Most times, however, one of us starts experimenting with shapes, images, whatever we can get our hands on, has a “mental diarrhea,” and creates new animations from scratch. As you may notice by our GIFs and illustrations, we’re a bit hectic when it comes to subject and style. We’re a bit like Dug from Up, happily doing whatever we’re doing and all of a sudden “Squirrel!”.

The perfect loop seems to be important in your GIFs (we’ve found ourselves in a trance looking at your GIFs more than once 🙂 ) What attracts you to the GIF format?

TF: We find the idea of the perfect loop very appealing because of the illusion of a few frames creating a sense of “eternity.” That’s also one of the GIF features that attracts us more: the not knowing where it starts and where it ends.

Who are a few of your favourite artists?

TF: Han Hoogerbrugge has always been one our favourite artists. He was the first one we saw using GIF animations as an art form in 1998 with his Neurotica series. He is beyond a doubt one of our biggest inspirations. Jean Giraud (Moebius) is another one of our biggest inspirations for his illustration style and skill and all the incredible universes he created from scratch.

Current favorite GIF?

TF: One of ours? Always the last one.
From someone else? The 3D printed bear walking up the stairs

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