We are Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas, a couple of portuguese designers, illustrators and musicians.

We met 14 years ago, doing tequila shots in a bar in Ericeira and when we sobered up we realized we had many things in common. The love for art, design and music.

Later we worked together in an advertising agency and in 2012 we decided to create our own project of digital art – FalcaoLucas.

We create animated Art Gifs, Social Media Animated GIFs, Digital Illustrations, 3D Art, Motion Graphics, Design and Editorial projects.

If you want to know more about us, take a look at the links below

articles / interviews / featured in

✣ Article in REVISTA VISÃO – Portuguese Magazine (Sep 2017)
✣ Article in PÚBLICO – P3 – Portuguese Newspaper (Sep 2017)
✣ Article in DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS – Portuguese Newspaper (Sep 2017)
✣ Article in REVISTA VISÃO – Portuguese Magazine (Feb 2016)
✣ “Ontem” Music Video selected as Staff Pick by Vimeo (Dec 2015)
✣ Interview in TUMBLR EQUIPA PORTUGAL (Mar 2015)
✣ Article in DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS – Portuguese Newspaper (Feb 2015)
✣ “Love” GIF was selected as “One of the 12 best Art GIFs of 2014″ by HUFFINGTON POST (Dec 2014)
TUMBLR selected “Love” for Year in Review 2014 in Art GIF category (Dec 2014)
✣ Interview to NEONMOB about exclusive GIF collection  (Nov 2014)
✣ Featured Article in SO BAD SO GOOD (Out 2014)
✣ Article in CROSS CONNECT Mag (Sep 2014)
✣ “Halfs” GIF featured in the GIFS GO WILD Video (Aug 2014)
✣ Article in JUXTAPOZ Magazine (Jul 2014)
✣ Feature article on WHITEZINE (Jul 2014)
✣ “Lovers” artwork featured at TUMBLR Log in page (Jun 2014)
✣ Interview to THREADLESS about the challenge winner design (Jun 2014)
✣ Featured Article on DESIGN COLLECTOR (Jun 2014)
✣ Interview in GOLDEN BOY about animated GIFs (May 2014)
✣ Interview in WHATEVART (May 2014)
✣ Spotlight and Interview at GIPHY (Apr 2014)
✣ First Portuguese artists in THE GIF ARTIST WORLD MAP (Apr 2014)
✣ Feature Article in INPRINT MAGAZINE (Jan 2014)

festivals / exhibitions / contests

✣ “Solitude” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2017)
✣ “Ontem” selected for GIRONA FILM FESTIVAL (Sep 2016)
✣ “Yesterday” and “Introspection” selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE (Sep 2016)
✣ “Ontem” selected for LISBON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Jun 2016)
✣ “Ontem” selected for TRÉS COURT FESTIVAL (Apr 2016)
✣ “Break Up” GIF selected for the GIF program at FANTOCHE International Animation Film Festival (Sep 2015)
✣ “Break Up” Art Piece on the group show “Carbon” at SALLY CENTIGRADE art gallery (Set 2015)
✣ More than 10 GIFs shown at the ART RISE SAVANNAH – International GIF Festival. (Jan 2014)
✣ “Lovers” GIF selected for the first GIF program at FANTOCHE International Animation Film Festival (Jul 2014)
✣ “THE GIF IN US” FalcaoLucas event at LX Factory (Oct 2014)
✣ Second place at THE GIPHOSCOPE AWARD with the GIF “A second to Eternity” (Jun 2014)
✣ Winner of Architecture Challenge on THREADLESS with the design “Within” (Jun 2014)

our clients

One of the 12 best Art GIFs of 2014.
Best DIY hypnosis.

Huffington Postabout "Love" artGIF

They have a fresh unique style of multi-media experimentation,
mixing colorful psychedelic imagery with clever, colorful subject matter.


True love is starting a band and an animation team together.

Vimeoabout "Ontem" music video

FalcaoLucas designs feature vector work, surrealism and bright, complementary colors.
Their art is sure to make anyone take a second look!

Design by Humans

A spectacular and surreal short that delves into the realms of introspection.

CGSocietyabout "Ontem" music video