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GoT FalcaoLucas

Fear cuts deeper than swords

Digital Art and Animated GIF

High falcaolucas


Animated GIF

Love falcaolucas


Illustration and Animation

Iris Falcaolucas


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within falcaolucas


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full of stars by falcaolucas

It’s Full of Stars

Illustration and Animated GIF

Shout FalcaoLucas


Digital Illustration

top news

"One of the 12 best Art GIFs of 2014.
Best DIY hypnosis."

− Huffington Post

"They have a fresh unique style of multi-media experimentation,
mixing colorful psychedelic imagery with clever, colorful subject matter. "

− Juxtapoz

"FalcaoLucas designs feature vector work, surrealism and bright, complementary colors.
Their art is sure to make anyone take a second look!"

− Design by Humans

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